Welcome to Soil & Water Conservation Engineering Department

Important Research Achievements

  • Developed a 10 m x 1.2 m rainfall simulation system along with a tilting flume and water circulation system to conduct hydrological studies under lab conditions.
  • Developed a portable rainfall simulator to conduct rainfall-runoff sediment studies under field conditions.
  • Developed hydrologic models for rainfall-runoff-sediment outflow from natural watersheds of Ramganga River catchment.
  • Assessment and monitoring of drought and wet conditions at various places in Uttarakhand State.
  • Developed simplified design procedures of soil conservation measures and structures which are effective and user friendly under field conditions.

  • Research Areas

    • Design, development and assessment of various soil and water conservation interventions under varying climatic, cropping systems and topographic conditions
    • Rainfall-runoff-sediment outflow study under varying hydrologic and land treatment conditions
    • Design and development of effective, user friendly and simplified soil and water conservation structures.
    • Hydrological Modelling for watershed management for effective conservation planning
    • Vadose zone and aquifer system
    • Application of Artificial intelligence in soil & water conservation
    • GIS, remote sensing & image processing for natural resource management
    • Climate modelling in relation to soil and water conservation strategies
    • Project Details

      Sr.No. Project Title PI & Co-PI's Details Starting Date Duration Amount Sanctioned
      1 Optimal Design of in-situ remediation system for shallow contaminated aquifer Dr. Deepak Kumar, - 2018-12-05 3 years -

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