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Placement Notices of College of Technology

Sr.No. Company Name Date Related Circular file
1 M/S Ultragenic Research and Technologies, Noida 09-07-2024 Link
2 Result by M/S Harvel Agua India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 11-06-2024 Link
3 Result by Shivalik College of Engineering, Dehradun 27-05-2024 Link
4 Result by M/S ITC Ltd ............. Congratulations To All !!! 25-05-2024 Link
5 M/S Harvel Agua India Private Limited 20-05-2024 Link
6 Result by M/S Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mumbai ................ Congratulations !!! 15-05-2024 Link
7 Result by M/S Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Mumbai............Congratulations !!! 26-04-2024 Link
8 Result by M/S ZF Rane Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. ......... Congratulations to All !!! 15-04-2024 Link
9 Placement Notice by M/S Endurance Technologies Ltd. 30-03-2024 Link
10 Result by M/S Sirjan, Delhi ......... Congratulations to All !!! 28-03-2024 Link
11 Recruitment notice of M/S Srijan 13-03-2024 Link
12 Result by M/S Varaha Climateag Pvt. Ltd. 06-02-2024 Link
13 Result by M/S Tetra Pak Ltd., Pune Congratulations To All ! 01-02-2024 Link
14 Result by M/S Suzuki Motor Gujarat Pvt. Ltd. Congratulations To All ! 12-01-2024 Link
15 M/S Varaha Climateag Pvt. Ltd. (for B.Tech. Agri. Engg. Students) 30-12-2023 Link
16 Result by M/S Century Pulp and Paper Ltd ........... ....... Congratulations To All ! 26-12-2023 Link
17 Result by M/S Escorts Kubota Ltd....... Congratulations To All ! 13-12-2023 Link
18 M/S Tetra Pak Ltd., Pune (for B.Tech. (Agri. Engg.) & M.Tech. PHPFE Students) 29-11-2023 Link
19 M/S Century Pulp & Paper Industries Ltd., Lalkaun (for B.Tech. ECE/ME/EE/IPED students) 17-11-2023 Link
20 M/S Escorts Kubota Limited (for B.Tech. AE/ME/EE/IPED students) 17-11-2023 Link

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