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Head IPED Engg.
Dr. Rajesh P. Singh
Prof. & Head
Department of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

The Department of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (Agricultural Engineering) is a constituent of the college of technology. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering as component of Agricultural Engineering encompasses on farm aspects of irrigation and drainage, basically catering for engineering aspects of irrigated agriculture. A team of 9 qualified experts in teaching and research constitute the Faculty of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. The department is associated with the degree programme of B. Tech. in Agricultural Engineering and offers M. Tech and Ph.D. degree programs in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. In addition to this, the department also offers the courses of College of Technology, College of Agriculture and College of Fisheries. There are 5 research projects in operation in the department. The Department has produced 163 M. Tech. and 35 Ph.D. besides contributing in B.Tech.in Agricultural Engineering.