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Ph.D. Student Details

S.N. Student Name Batch Research Interest
1. Daniel Prakash Kushwaha 2016-17 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Hydrological modeling, Remote Sensing and GIS, Artificial Intelligence
2. Sushma Tamta 2016-17 Soil Erosion Modelling
3. Bhagwat Saran 2017-18 ---
4. Manish Kumar 2017-18 Hydrological Modelling, Watershed Management, Remote Sensing and GIS
5. Anuradha Kumari 2017-18 Incipient Motion, Sedimentation, Open Channel Hydraulics, Hydrological Modelling
6. Basant Ballabh Dumka 2017-18 Rainfall-Runoff Study
7. Anita 2017-18 Crop Growth Modelling
8. Yogesh Kumar 2018-19 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Stochastic Hydrology, Surface Hydrology
9. Ram Kumar 2019-20 Sedimentation, Modelling
10. Devendra Rawat 2019-20 Crop Growth Modelling
11. Priya Rai 2019-20 ---

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