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College of Technology Projects Details

Sr.No. Title Details_of_PI Details_of_Co_PI Starting_Date Project_Duration Total Project_Amount_Sanctioned Name of Agency_Funded_By Current Status
1 Border Surveillance system using Wireless Sensor Network Er. Sukhwinder Singh, Assistant professor (TEQIP-III) Dr. Rajeev Singh, Associate Professor, Dept of Computer Engg. 2019-06-18 One Year 11,97,000/- TEQIP-III, under CRS project Scheme of AICTE, Under Progress
2 Photonic crystal waveguide based bio-sensor for healthcare applications SAURABH AGARWAL R.P.S Gangwar 2019-07-08 1.5 1228000 NPIU On-going
3 Optimizing Electrode Design for Resistance Spot Welding of coated steel sheets Anand Kumar Mandal Dr.R.S Jadoun/Dr.Arun Kumar Chaudhary 2019-05-14 18 983000 National Project Implementation Unit Its in the analysis Phase
4 A Hardware-Efficient Beamformer for Portable, Low Cost Ultrasound Imaging System Dr. Mayur Agarwal, Assistant Prof. (TEQIP) Dr. Abhishek Tomar, Associate Prof., College of Technology, Pantnagar Dr. rakesh Biswas, Assistant Prof., IIIT Guwahati 2019-07-01 01 Years 06 Months 1318000 NPIU Ongoing
5 Optimal Design of in-situ remediation system for shallow contaminated aquifer Dr. Deepak Kumar - 2018-12-05 3 years - SERB in progress
6 Development of Process, Systems and Digital Infrastructure for Online-Open access version of Pantnagar Journal of Research Dr. S. D. Samantaray Brijesh Dumka (YP-II) 2019-02-01 2 years 8.5 Lakhs Directorate of Research, GBPUAT ongoing
7 North-Western Himalayan Bioinformatics Grid Dr. S. D. Samantaray Mahesh Banerjee (JRF) 2019-01-10 2 years 99.99 Years Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology Govt. of India ongoing
8 Scalable Attack Data Capturing and Analysis framework for Cyber Threat Intelligence Generation Dr. S. D. Samantaray . 2018-08-01 2 Years - CERT-In implemented in collaboration with CDAC-Mohali ongoing
9 Engineering Behaviour of Foliated rocks in Uttarakhand Ajit Kumar Nil 2008-02-01 Two Years Rs. 300000.00 The Institution of India Ltd, Kolkatta Completed
10 Performance Evaluation of Some Selected Sprinkler Systems and Development of Criteria for Their Optimum Design Dr R P Singh Dr K K Singh 2000-01-15 42 months Rs. 921760 Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi India. Completed
11 Precision farming Development Centre (PFDC) Pantnagar Code-741 Dr P K Singh Dr Dhirendra Kumar Singh, Dr V P Singh, Dr Lalit Bhatt and Dr S K Maurya 1988-02-01 32 years Rs. 40 lakhs (approx.) Annual MOA&FW, GOI On hold
12 IWNM in Litchi – MM-I Dr P K Singh Dr S K Singh, Dr R L Lal 2004-04-01 5 years 15 Lakhs MM- I, MOA&FW, GOI Concluded
13 Training and Demonstration of Efficient Water Management through Micro Irrigation System in Terraced Land for Growing Vegetables code-580 Dr P K Singh Dr R P Joshi and Dr P V Singh 2004-04-01 5 years 15 Lakhs MM- I, MOA&FW, GOI Concluded
14 Integrated Water and Nutrient management in Mango Dr K N Shukla Dr P K Singh and Dr C P Singh 2000-04-01 3 years 15 Lakhs UPDASP, UPCAR Concluded
15 UPDASP Adhoc project "Studies to develop cropping system & drainage system for water logged area. Dr KK Singh Dr Shiv Kumar 2001-03-01 Three years five lakhs UPDASP Completed
16 Hydrological and agro-ecological sustainability of rice-wheat cropping system for a selected area of Ganga and Ramganga interbasin in U.P. Dr H C Sharma Dr Shiv Kumar 2002-07-01 Three years five lakhs ICAR Completed