Welcome to Computer Engineering Department

About Us

Degrees Offered

The Courses are as follows :
  • B.Tech.
  • M.Tech.

  • Departmental Facilities:  Following are the facilities in the department

  • Main System & server Lab
  • Software Laboratory
  • Computer Network & Data Communication Lab
  • Internet & Web Technology Lab
  • Graphics & Multimedia Lab
  • Cisco Lab
  • Office Automation Lab
  • Microprocessor Laboratory
  • Digital Logic Laboratory
  • Software Engg. Laboratory
  • Information Technology Laboratory
  • Open Source Lab
  • Computer Center
  • Computer Architecture Lab
  • DBMS & Knowledge & Data Engg. Lab

  • Few Accomplishments

  • Students Working in top computer firms like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, HCL, Cisco, TCS, etc.
  • Research facilities including Blade server, workstations, all-in-one Pc's, Independent work space for PG students
  • Faculty published paper in reputed journals like springer, wiley etc.
  • Alumini include IAS, Directors and Key position holders in India & Abroad
  • Ongoing student projects in the area of WSNs, Image processing and Energy
  • Ongoing AICTE MODROB project on unified communication and cyber security Lab
  • Top AIEEE merit rankers and school toppers opted the branch in last counseling
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