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Project Details

Sr.No. Project Title PI & Co-PI's Details Starting Date Duration Amount Sanctioned
1 Border Surveillance system using Wireless Sensor Network Er. Sukhwinder Singh, Assistant professor (TEQIP-III), Dr. Rajeev Singh, Associate Professor, Dept of Computer Engg. 2019-06-18 One Year 11,97,000/-
2 Development of Process, Systems and Digital Infrastructure for Online-Open access version of Pantnagar Journal of Research Dr. S. D. Samantaray, Brijesh Dumka (YP-II) 2019-02-01 2 years 8.5 Lakhs
3 North-Western Himalayan Bioinformatics Grid Dr. S. D. Samantaray, Mahesh Banerjee (JRF) 2019-01-10 2 years 99.99 Years
4 Scalable Attack Data Capturing and Analysis framework for Cyber Threat Intelligence Generation Dr. S. D. Samantaray, . 2018-08-01 2 Years -
5 Testing ABC, XYZ 2 years 50,000