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M.Tech Student Details

Batch: 2016-17

S.N. Student Name ID Name of Advisor Thesis Title
1. Krishanveer Gangwar 51113 Prof. C. S. Negi Image classification using Convolutional Neural Network with Tensorflow.
2. J. Rohan 43456 Dr. Rajeev Singh Application of FCM, GLCM & DWT and SVM for Disease Identification in Mango.
3. Shweta Kharayat 42438 Prof. B. K. Singh Classification of Liver Disorder from Serum Profile Using Extreme Learning Machine.
4. Gaurav Rawat 50891 Prof. P. K. Mishra Adaptive MIMO-OFDM to evaluate the performance of wireless multimedia sensor network.
5. Shivangi Awasthi 51225 Prof. P. K. Mishra Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy C Mean and Simulated Annealing based Clustering in WSN.
6. Ashish Tyagi 51132 Dr. S. D. Samantaray Content based image retrieval system using HSV color space to support take new analysis.
7. Geetika Jodhani 42438 Dr. S. D. Samantaray Fake news detection using test similarity approach.

Batch: 2017-18

S.N. Student Name ID Name of Advisor Thesis Title
1. Bhavna Chilwal 52792 Prof. P. K. Mishra A Fuzzy Logic Based Model for Detecting Leaf Blast Disease in Rice Crop with ANFIS and Linear Regression Technique.
2. Anukriti Pandey 52775 Prof. B. K. Singh Alternate Approach of Design of S-Boxes and their Evaluation.
3. Sunayana Arya 52827 Dr. Rajeec Singh Deep Learning Approaches for Detection of Disease in Potato and Mango Leaves.
4. Pratima Tiwari 52820 Prof. B. K. Singh Climate based Factor Analysis and Epidemiology Prediction for Potato Late Blight using Machine Learning Approaches.
5. Nikhilesh Kumar 52796 Prof. B. K. Singh Extreme Learning Machine Approach for Prediction of Forest Fires using Topographical and Metrological Data of Vietnam.
6. Bhavna Agarwal 52818 Dr. S.D. Samantaray An Integrated Approach for Cyber Attack Prediction Using Honeynet and Socialnet Data, Applying Improved Association Rule Mining Technique.
7. Mahesh Banerjee 52471 Dr. S.D. Samantaray Network Traffic Analysis Based IoT Botnet Detection Using Honeynet Data, Applying Classification Techniques.
8. Rakesh Kumar 52784 Dr. Rajeev Singh -----

Batch: 2018-19

S.N. Student Name ID Name of Advisor Thesis Title
1. Dheeraj Kumar 54121 Dr. S. D. Samantaray ----------
2. Abhay Singh Bisht 53885 Dr. S. D. Samantaray ---------
3. Dinesh Bafila 54101 Dr. Rajeev Singh ---------
4. Dhirendra 54108 Prof. P. K. Mishra ---------
5. Neha 54134 Dr. Rajeev Singh ---------
6. Lokesh Kumar 54126 Prof. B. K. Singh ---------
7. Neema Bhandari 54100 Prof. B. K. Singh ---------