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Project Details

Sr.No. Project Title PI & Co-PI's Details Starting Date Duration Amount Sanctioned
1 Performance Evaluation of Some Selected Sprinkler Systems and Development of Criteria for Their Optimum Design Dr R P Singh, Dr K K Singh 2000-01-15 42 months Rs. 921760
2 Precision farming Development Centre (PFDC) Pantnagar Code-741 Dr P K Singh, Dr Dhirendra Kumar Singh, Dr V P Singh, Dr Lalit Bhatt and Dr S K Maurya 1988-02-01 32 years Rs. 40 lakhs (approx.) Annual
3 IWNM in Litchi – MM-I Dr P K Singh, Dr S K Singh, Dr R L Lal 2004-04-01 5 years 15 Lakhs
4 Training and Demonstration of Efficient Water Management through Micro Irrigation System in Terraced Land for Growing Vegetables code-580 Dr P K Singh, Dr R P Joshi and Dr P V Singh 2004-04-01 5 years 15 Lakhs
5 Integrated Water and Nutrient management in Mango Dr K N Shukla, Dr P K Singh and Dr C P Singh 2000-04-01 3 years 15 Lakhs
6 UPDASP Adhoc project "Studies to develop cropping system & drainage system for water logged area. Dr KK Singh, Dr Shiv Kumar 2001-03-01 Three years five lakhs
7 Hydrological and agro-ecological sustainability of rice-wheat cropping system for a selected area of Ganga and Ramganga interbasin in U.P. Dr H C Sharma, Dr Shiv Kumar 2002-07-01 Three years five lakhs
8 Irrigation Water Management 130 Dr. Yogendra Kumar Prof IDE, Dr. Vinod Kumar Prof IDE 2014-03-01 up to next 5 year plan 130 lakh for 2020-21
9 Optimization of ground water utilization through wells and pumps” ( Ground water Utilization) DR. H C Sharma, Dr. Yogendra Kumar 1976-01-01 merged with Water management now IWM 48 lakhs for 2013-14
10 Scaling up of Water Productivity in Agriculture for Livelihoods through Teaching cum Demonstration, Training of Trainers and Farmers Dr H C Sharma, Dr Vinod Kumar, Dr Subhash Chandra, Dr K S Shekhar 2007-02-01 5 years 120 lakhs
11 AICRP on Irrigation Water Management Dr Yogendra Kumar, Dr Vinod Kumar, Dr Gurvinder Singh 1970-04-01 Five Year Plan basis NA