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M.Tech Student Details

Batch: 2017

S.N. Student Name ID Name of Advisor Thesis Title
1. Mahima Rai 43486 Dr. H. L. Mandoria Intrusion Detection Using Ensemble Methods and Deep Learning
2. Ankita Dhek 52777 Dr. H. L. Mandoria prove the Z-SEP Protocol In WSNs

Batch: 2016

S.N. Student Name ID Name of Advisor Thesis Title
1. Chetana Singh 50894 Mr. Binay Kumar Pandey A Novel Chaotic Based Keyless Encryption Technique fo Secured scored Transmission of Images
2. Priyanka 43466 Mr. Sanjay Joshi Fuzzy Based Semantic Clustering of News Articles
3. Manisha Aeri 51211 Mr. Ashok Kumar Performance Evaluation of Content Based Image Retrieval using DWT, Modified K means and Neural Network Classification
4. Aanchal Verma 51215 Mr. Ratnesh P. Srivastava A Novel Approach Recognizing Objects form Images by using SIFT and HMM
5. Diksha Arya 43124 Mr. Rajesh Shyma Singh Study and Analysis of Satellite Image Classification Based of FCM, GLCM Features and SVM

MCA Student Details

Batch: 2016

S.No. Student Name ID No. Project Title Advisor
1. Pooja Banoula 50876 Defensive Network Scanner with Python Dr. H. L. Mandoria
2. Lekha Tripathi 50877 MapIt : Polling Booth Area Visualization Application Dr. H. L. Mandoria
3. Rajni Danu 50878 Help Desk Assistant : Oline Customer Service Application Dr. H. L. Mandoria
4. Aradhana Phular 50879 DACS: Bilingual e-Registration System Dr. H. L. Mandoria
5. Kapila Vinayak 50880 GreenGoods Mr. Rajesh Shyam Singh
6. Aakrati Agarwal 50886 Life Source on Stream Mr. Rajesh Shyam Singh
7. Poornima Fuloria 50895 Furnishing E-Acquisition Mr. Ashok Kumar
8. Vivek Bisht 50906 Tour and Travel Management Mr. Ashok Kumar
9. Rachana Patwal 50913 Peer to Peer Ridesharing Android Application Mr. Binay Kumar Pandey
10. Ankit Chauhan 51005 E-Learning Mr. Binay Kumar Pandey
11. Vineet Rawat 51085 Digital Resource Automation Mr. Sanjay Joshi
12. Owais 51164 Digital Assets Repository System Mr. Sanjay Joshi
13. Neha Rawat 51184 Metro Vending Machine [Automation] Mr. Ratnesh Srivastava
14. Ayushi Goel 51191 Customer Segmentation Usingh Data Mining Techniques Mr. Govind Verma
15. Rahul Kandpal 51192 Digital Interactivity Creation Mr. Subodh Prasad
16. Arti Paintola 51194 Paperless Job Card Processing Portal Ms. Shikha Goswami