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Project Details

Sr.No. Project Title PI & Co-PI's Details Starting Date Duration Amount Sanctioned
1 A Hardware-Efficient Beamformer for Portable, Low Cost Ultrasound Imaging System Dr. Mayur Agarwal, Assistant Prof. (TEQIP), Dr. Abhishek Tomar, Associate Prof., College of Technology, Pantnagar Dr. rakesh Biswas, Assistant Prof., IIIT Guwahati 2019-07-01 01 Years 06 Months 1318000
2 PLS performance analysis of MUS-MIMO system in the presence of imperfect channel state information (ICSI) Rajiv Kumar, Prof R.P.S. Gangwar 2019-06-18 one year 1110000
3 Development of Solid state nano porous membrane based immune-sensor for the detection of mesothelin in cancer cell line Dr. K.P.Singh, Dr. Abhishek Tomar 2011-04-01 3 years 16.0 Lakh
4 Photonic Crystal Waveguide based biosensor for healthcare applications Saurabh Agarwal, Prof. R.P.S Gangwar 2019-12-06 1.5 12.28 lac