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Project Details

Sr.No. Project Title PI & Co-PI's Details Starting Date Duration Amount Sanctioned
1 Rotavator Refinements-Design Modifications and Development,Design and Development of an Offset Rotavator for Orchards Dr R N Pateriya, --- 2010-03-10 up to 2019 Rs. 63.17 Lakhs
2 Prototype Manufacturing of Agriculture Implements Dr. S.D. Chhabra, Dr. Jayant Singh 2000-08-01 2 Years and 7 months 45 lakh rupees
3 AICRP on Increased Utilization of Animal Energy with Enhanced System Efficiency. Dr. Jayant Singh, Dr. T.P. Singh 1987-04-01 33 Years and 11 month Annual Budget 150 Lakh Rupees
4 Establishment of Testing and Training Center for Agriculture Implements. Dr. Jayant Singh, Dr. T.P. Singh 2011-01-12 9 Years and 3 months 57.25 Lakh Rupees