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PG Student Details

S.No. Student Name ID Name of Advisor Thesis Title
1. Mohd Azam 40343 Prof. Jyothi Prasad Anthropogenic activities and Analysis of water qualilty of springs of Kumaoun Region
2. Prakhar Sharma 54111 Prof. Jyothi Prasad Studies on assessment of water quality of springs in Almora region of Uttarakhand”
3. Rohit Bihsit 53904 Prof. Jyothi Prasad Study and Analysis of springs at Nainital districts of Kumaoun Region
4. Prem Prakash 55581 Prof. Jyothi Prasad Study and Analysis of springs at Bhageshwar districts of Kumaoun Region
5. Karan Tiwari 55404
Dr. S.S. Gupta To be finalised
6. Priyanka Agarwal 53892 Dr. Ajit Kumar A Sustainable Methodology to Ameliorate Stabilization of Fine-grained Soils
7. Avani Bisht 55319 Dr. Ajit Kumar Yet to be decided
8. Harshit Sachan 54073 Mr. S.K. Katariya Post-peak behaviour of CFST elements in compression
9. Pradeep Singh Kanyal 55313 Mr. S.K. Katariya -----
10. Anadi Bhatia 53903
Dr. Sanjeev Suman Correlation Development of CBR Values of Clayey Soil Stabilized with Varied Percentage of Crusher Dust
11. Swati Chaudhary 53902
Dr. Subir Kumar Sharma Effect on Geotechnical Properties of the soil with the inclusion of Sisal Fiber
12. Amritesh Kumar 54081
Dr. Subir Kumar Sharma “Pile foundation response to dynamic lateral loading”
13. Shahrukh 55326
Dr. Subir Kumar Sharma --
14. Pooja Sati 44314 Dr. Vaneeta Devi Parametric Study of Cable Suspended Roofs Under Static Loads.
15. Ms Itika Uniyal 44229 Dr. Vaneeta Devi Effect of Elevated Temperature on Properties Of Self Compacted Concrete With Fly Ash Cooling By Quenching.
16. Aayushman Singh Bisht 52701 Dr. Vaneeta Devi Behaviour of Building on Sloping Ground
17. Ashish Rauthan 52720 Dr. Vaneeta Devi Study of Bracing Systems for RC Frame Structure
18. Jaireena 52750 Dr. Vaneeta Devi Comparative Study of Conventional Steel Truss Profiles
19. Neeraj Kumar Tiwari 53889 Dr. Vaneeta Devi Effect of location of shear wall in buildings
20. Vijay Joshi 55322 Dr. Vaneeta Devi Effect of ground slopes on behaviour of buildings