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Dr. Susheel Singh Bhandari
Department : Mechanical Engineering
Email-id: bhandarisusheel31@gmail.com
Qualification: PHD IIT KANPUR
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Experimental Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid dynamics and Heat transfer.

1.  S. S. Bhandari, G. Gupta, P. Upreti, M. Negi, Performance Comparison of Different Phase Change Materials For Solar Cooking During off Sun Sunshine Hours, ICTEA: International Conference on Thermal Engineering, paper No. 94, 22-27 Feb., 2019

2.  S. S. Bhandari, Effect of sodium pyrophosphate and polyethylene oxide on thermal diffusivity of Laponite RD suspension, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Contemporary Research. pp. 215-227, (2017)

3.  S. S. Bhandari, K. Muralidhar, and Y. M. Joshi, Thermal diffusivity and viscosity of suspensions of disk-shaped nanoparticles. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol. 52, pp. 15114-15123 (2013). (Impact factor-2.20)

4.   S. S. Bhandari, K. Muralidhar, and Y. M. Joshi, Enhanced thermal transport through a soft glassy nano-disk paste. Physical Review E, Vol. 87, pp. 022301-6 (2013). (Impact factor-2.25)

5.  S. S. Bhandari, Y. M. Joshi and K. Muralidhar, Laser Interferometric determination of thermal diffusivity of transparent soft glassy materials, ASME 2012 Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting, Paper Number: FEDSM-72228, 8-12th July 2012, Rio Grande-Puerto Rico, USA.

6.  A. Nigam, M. Maheswari, S. S. Bhandari and P. K. Panigrahi, Improved holographic reconstruction procedure for particle field and biological cell characterization. Proc. International conference on light, Optics’11 held at NIT Calicut, pp. OPD-6: 245-247, 23-25th May 2011.

FDP Attended:
1.  Attended workshop on “Matlab for engineering applications” organized by department of computer science, NITTR-Chandigarh, on 22 July-2 August 2019.

2.  Attended NPTEL SWAYAM eight week online courses on “Foundation of Computational Fluid Dynamics”, organized by IIT MADRAS during Sept to November 2020.

3.  34. Attended TEQIP-III two week online courses on “Digital Transformation in Teaching Learning process”, organized by IIT Bombay during 6th April to 22nd April 2020.

4.  Attended online workshop on “Research methodology in fluid mechanics” organized by Department of Mechanical engineering, BITS Pilani on 07 -11th June, 2021.

FDP Organised:
1.  Organized STC on Computational fluid dynamics: Theory and Practice, 3-7 April 2018.
2.  Organized STC on Experimental and Numerical Methods in Thermal Science, 24-29 September, 2018.



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