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Dr L Varshney
Department : Mechanical Engineering
Email-id: drvarshney20@gmail.com
Qualification: Ph.D.
Designation: Professor & Head
Research Interests: Energy, Solar Energy, Thermal Engineering

1.  Gupta, A. D., Ashish Gupta, and L. Varshney. "An Assessment of Fuel from Disposed Plastic Containers for Diesel Engine." Natural Resource Management (2019).

2.  Varshney, L., and Rameshwar Kumar Singh. "Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics in a packed bed Solar Air Heater." International Journal of Mechanical Engineering 2 (2017).

3.  Gupta, A. D., and L. Varshney. "Performance prediction for solar air heater having rectangular sectioned tapered rib roughness using CFD." Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 4 (2017): 122-132.

4.  Verma, Prashant, and L. Varshney. "Parametric investigation on thermo-hydraulic performance of wire screen matrix packed solar air heater." Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 10 (2015): 40-52.

5.  Mittal, M. K., and L. Varshney. "Optimal thermohydraulic performance of a wire mesh packed solar air heater." Solar Energy 80.9 (2006): 1112-1120.

6.  Varshney, L. and Ansari F.A., Design on Simple and Reliable Experiments for Precooling Studies, J. Food Sci. Technol. Vol. 40, No. 2, 183-186, 2003.

7.  Varshney L. and Saini J.S., Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Correlations for Rectangular Solar Air Heater Duct Packed with Wire Mesh Screen Matricse, Int. J. of Solar Energy, Vol. 62, No.4, pp. 255-262,1998

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