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Dr. Prashant Verma
Department : Mechanical Engineering
Email-id: krishansai777@gmail.com
Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Energy Conversion, Heat transfer

1.  R.Kumar and Prashant Verma. An experimental and numerical study on effect of longitudinal finned tube eccentric configuration on melting behaviour of lauric acid in a horizontal tube-in-shell storage unit”. International Journal of Energy Storage (Elsevier) 30; (2020), 101396

2.  Prashant Verma and L. Varshney, Parametric investigation on thermo-hydraulic performance of wire screen matrix packed solar air heater, Int. J. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments (Elsevier) 10, June 2015, 40-52.

3.  Prashant Verma, Varun and S.K. Singal, Review of mathematical modeling on latent heat thermal energy storage system using phase change materials, Int. J. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (Elsevier), 12 (4), May 2008, 999-1031

4.  Niraj Kumar and Prashant Verma, “Wind Energy: Harnessing an Old Age Energy Source”, Energy the future scenario, 10-11 March, 2007, IT, BHU, Varanasi.

5.  Varun and P Verma, Recent Developments and Future Trends in Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT, Hamirpur, November 3-4, 2006

FDP Attended:
1.  Special summer workshop on Active learning, Autonomy, Academic governance and R&D

2.  Experimental and Numerical Methods in Thermal science

3.  Online Certification two week course in Digital transformation in teaching learning process

FDP Organised:



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