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Dr. Reeta Verma
Department : Electronics and Communication Engineering
Email-id: reetaverma.ece@gbpuat-tech.ac.in
Qualification: Ph.D
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Microstrip Antenna and filter design

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16.  Kaushal Gangwar,Paras, R.P.S.Gangwar and Reeta Verma, “Multiband Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Metamaterial structure”, Proceeding of the 2th International Confrence on Emerging Trends in Technology and Applied Science (ICETTAS-15), ISBN: 978-93-84743-79-6,PP.126-130

17.  Kaushal Gangwar,Paras, R.P.S.Gangwar and Reeta Verma, “Enhancement of the Gain and Bandwidth of MPA using Metamaterial structure”, Proceeding of the 2th International Confrence on Current Trends in Enginerring and Management (ICCTEM-2014), July 17-19, Mysore, Karnataka

FDP Attended:
1.  Millimetre Wave Technology

2.  IEEE conference

3.  Antenna Design software

4.  Learning Padagogy

FDP Organised:



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