College life is the most integral part of student`s life where he gets more exposure to the world. It is a step towards his professional life where he is keen to achieve his career goal. The main development of student is brought out by the events and activities going on, in the college. They bring out the hidden talents and helps in enhancement of skills of the students. Combating the challenges of life becomes easy.

Our College of Technology is no exception to the above said. It provides ample opportunities for enrichment of the personality of students. The college authorities in association with the student body organise these events, thus promoting the development of talent, skills and abilities of students. The semester is always flooded with such activities and keeps the college campus brimming with fervour and spirit. The days ahead indeed promise a deluge of innovative activities to make technical learning all the more refreshing by creative exercise.

So here is a brief account of events knocking college corridors recently and making the college atmosphere replete with jubilance.