"Abhivadansheelashya Nityam Vradhopasevinah
Chatvari Tasya Vardhante, Ayurvidya Yashobalam"

In effect this means that those who acknowledge and show respect to their elders each day are truly blessed as they earn for themselves not only a long life but also, knowledge, fame and strength- physical as well as moral to follow the right path.

The students of College of Technology have been a true quintessence of the above mentioned lines as is evince by the prestige and honour earned by our alumni in the country and abroad. They have proved that engineering is not only the possession of the capacity to get elegant solutions to non-existing engineering problems but also the art of the organized forcing of technological change.

Our venerable alumni have been experts in recognizing the right opportunity and fusing them with the right time and place to take full advantage of it. The college has been quite successful in blending the budding talents of the students with the impeccable opportunities unravelling the new horizons to success. The college has taken purposeful steps to improvise in academic excellence, research orientation and industrial interactions. The recent developments like the construction of IT department, lift for physically challenged students, new girls' hostels and the college library visibly demonstrate college's successful endeavours to improve the infrastructure and to provide the students a better environment for their intellectual and analytical growth. In addition to this, various technical, literary, cultural and fine arts events organised by the college provide students ample opportunities for their all round development.

The release of Audient-16, the e-magazine is another successful attempt to portray the college ventures in exploring new ideas to groom the students into full-fledged engineering graduates. Hope this issue serves as an articulate medium for expression and communication amid the college and its alumni.

Audient is the e-magazine of College of Technology, that relates the alumni and students with the college activities. Its motive is to enhance the information bridge between our alumni and the college. So far, fifteen issues have been published and this sixteenth issue is the Pre-Samanvay issue.

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